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Property Management

Property Management

At Palliser, we recognize that effective property management will protect and enhance the value of the properties we manage, now and for years to come.  With senior management directly involved in the day to day building operations, Palliser develops strong relationships with tenants to enable us to ensure the buildings meet their requirements and that we are available to resolve any issues.  Palliser works with our building contractors to develop preventative maintenance programs as well as long term capital planning to maximize the useful life of building systems.

Strengths and Services Include:

  • Rent Collection

  • Accounting

  • Tenant Communication​

  • Tenant Evaluation

  • Management of Tenant   Conflicts 

  • Building Operating and Capital Budgeting

  • Lease Administration

  • Construction Expertise

  • Diligent Site and Building Maintenance

  • In-depth Market Knowledge

  • Professional Real-Time Reporting

  • Property Tax Minimization

  • expertise in buildings held by non-residents 

  • GST reporting

Commercial Leasing

Commercial Leasing

Through creative marketing programs, Palliser attracts dedicated, long-term tenants, looking for affordable space in accessible, well-built locations. Palliser establishes strong business alliances with tenants by offering reasonable lease rates and responsive management services. As a result, Palliser succeeds in meeting tenant needs while achieving ownership goals through superior occupancy rates.

Key elements of leasing strategy:

  • Strong  internet presence with search engine optimization and digital marketing tools

  • Professional marketing materials with quality images and  up to date information  

  • Extensive  market research  and knowlege

  • Effective  site and building signage

  • Strong working relationships with  industrial brokers and associates

  • Financial analysis and tenant evaluations

  • Document management and lease administration

  • Comprehensive industrial zoning understanding

  • In-depth knowledge of buildings in our portfolio

Leasehold Improvements

Leasehold Improvements

Palliser has the extensive construction experience to develop premises that meet and exceed specific tenant requirements.  Palliser works closely with our engineers, architects, and other building professionals to ensure projects are well planned and compliant with building codes.  Long-standing relationships with our construction trades enable us to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budgets.   

Specific services include:

  • Coordination of the design process

  • Drawing  preparation, review, and approval

  • Tenant liaison and authorization​

  • Municipal and other regulatory approvals 

  • Contractor bids, negotiation, and supervision

  • Timely project completion

Estate Portfolios

Estate Portfolios

Palliser provides a full range of services for building portfolios held by estates or trust organizations including the following:

  • property  management;

  • leasing

  • accounting and  owner distributions;

  • tax  processing including  GST, installments, and non-resident

  • experienced in non-resident ownership

  • Disposal of buildings

  • Building redevelopment

  • Lease administration and document management



Building Redevelopment

Building Redevelopment

Palliser specializes in updating older buildings to improve their appearance and function including:

  • Building exteriors including painting, storefront systems and cladding;

  • Electrical improvements including service expansion and reconfiguration

  • Landscaping upgrades

  • Capital replacement projects for roof, parking lots, etc.

  • Zoning appeals

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